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Technology needs assessment and a technology action plan for Equatorial Guinea

Project: Technical guidance and support to conduct a technology needs assessment and a technology action plan for Equatorial Guinea

Client: OIKO / CTCN

Period: 2022

Objectives: The objective of this contract is to provide technical assistance to Equatorial Guinea to enable the development of a comprehensive Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and action plan. The technical assistance will entail conducting a categorization and prioritization of technologies that will comply with the Equatorial Guinean NDC and other strategies.

This work will enable Equatorial Guinea to implement its climate targets (included in the country’s NDC) using the most appropriate technologies. In this context, the TNA report and Action Plan will provide the necessary guidance to evolve the prioritized technologies and address the country needs in climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The work will also be useful to the country to develop and strengthen its pipeline of projects to target the international and institutional climate finance landscape and associated opportunities for project implementation and so can act as connector between technology, policy, and investor communities.

Services provided:

Kairos will provide, under the leadership of OIKO, technical support and collaboration in the following activities of the TA (Technical Assistance) to Equatorial Guinea, in relation to technology solutions identified and prioritized in accordance with national strategies and plans:

  • Give advice and recommendations on the pre-selection of sub-sectors for the fulfilment of Equatorial Guinea’s TNA
  • Support the team with the technology needs assessment, in the prioritization, analysis and validation of key technologies for the fulfillment of Equatorial Guinea’s TNA, especially for the IPPU, Waste, Energy and Low Carbon Resilience Sector. Once a list of technology options is complete, validate and determine with the team the cost of the technologies. Define the environmental cost (level of emissions) and the financial cost.
  • Support and give inputs for the development of a Technology Action Plan per sector (4) and /or sub sector, especially for the IPPU, Waste, Energy and Low Carbon Resilience Sector
  • Support the selection and give suggestions of relevant project ideas within the TAP with recommendations, to be then transformed into concept notes, during the national consultation workshop
  • Support the preparation of policy briefs and market-use cases for the selected technologies, during the implementation of the Technology Action Plan with communications, guidance, and training. Support and give technical advice and inputs to the team
  • Preparation of concept notes for the priority sectors for submission to the GCF

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