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International transparency and reporting guidelines of the GHGI and mitigation assessment of the AFOLU sector for the 3rd BUR of Mexico

Project: International transparency and reporting guidelines of the National Greenhouse Gases Inventory and mitigation assessment of the AFOLU sector for the 3rd Biennial Update Report of Mexico

Client: INECC / United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Time: 2021-2022

Objectives: INECC and UNDP are leading and managing this project, and Kairos CI is part of the team led by Climate Change Atelier.

The main objective is to ensure compliance with international guidelines in the reporting of the National GHG Inventory and the mitigation of the green agenda, established in the decisions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and in the agreements derived from the international negotiations under the Paris Agreement, to be presented as part of the Third Biennial Update Report (BUR) and the National Inventory Report (NIR).

Our Director (Jose Manuel Ramírez) will act as Energy, IPPU and Waste sectors expert, and his tasks will be focused in providing technical support for the compliance with the international transparency and reporting guidelines of the GHG Inventory, including its Quality Assurance (QA).

Services provided:

  • Technical assistance to conclude the national GHG inventory.
  • Development of tables, format, information, and analysis for the national GHG inventory chapter of the BUR.
  • Update of the mitigation estimate in the AFOLU sector.
  • Improvement of the capacities of the national inventory team regarding the Common Reporting Format (CRF).
  • Quality assurance of the national GHG inventory in accordance with the UNFCCC and IPCC guidelines.
  • Development of the National Inventory Report (NIR), considering the guidelines and technical decisions, format, and transparency of the Conference of the Parties.

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