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Assessing Institutional, Policy and Planning Systems to deliver on Key Climate Transitions in Honduras

Project: Assessing Institutional, Policy and Planning Systems to deliver on Key Climate Transitions in Honduras.

Client: World Bank

Period: 2021-2022

Objectives: The assignment entails carrying out a comprehensive review of existing research, data and reporting on various climate related trends, policy actions and challenges at the national, sub-national and sectoral levels.

Services provided:

The objective of the assignment is to compile, review and summarize available information and identify key gaps related to:

  • Generating robust information to build a strong justification for Honduras policymakers and private sector to accelerate the transition towards a low carbon and climate resilient development.
  • Providing strategic guidance on the policy directives, investments and capacity development needed to achieve the intended accelerated transitions, and particularly those included in the country’s enhanced NDC.
  • Identifying the critical barriers and existing perverse policy incentives across key sectors (in line with the GHG inventory and/or prioritized in the NDC) which hinder Honduras transition to a climate resilient, green future and lead to increased emissions and maladaptation in the country.
  • Understanding the impact of removing these barriers and perverse incentives on the economy and development in the short-, medium- and long-term to help inform decision making.
  • Allow to benchmark Honduras against other peers in the region and globally.

We will act as climate change mitigation experts, and we will focus our activity in supporting the data collection, national climate change diagnosis, and development of the action plan, among others.


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