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Our team continues its work in Paraguay pushing the project “Diagnosis of the IPPU sector contributions under the NDC context of Paraguay”, which is under the UNDP Climate Promise framework, by holding technical meetings with key stakeholders linked to the industrial sector, including F-Gases.

The meetings, which have been convened by the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MADES) through the National Directorate of Climate Change (DNCC), were conducted by our team to discuss with key stakeholders about mitigation actions.

There was a good participation with relevant contributions from all stakeholders, including the Ozone Unit from the General Directorate of the Air, FODETRA (Fondo de Desarrollo de Talleres de Refrigeración y afines), TRAP (Asociación de los Técnicos en Refrigeración del Paraguay) and ASOTRAP (Asociación de los Técnicos en Refrigeración del Alto Paraná). The conclusions achieved during the meeting will allow the country to continue working and improving its NDC commitments and future international reports.

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