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Climate Change Mitigation

We support the development of climate change mitigation projects at national, regional, local and organizational levels, focusing on quantitative accounting or estimation of emissions and removals (emission inventories and carbon footprints). We develop GHG and air pollutant inventories adjusted to the level and scope of the project, and we develop projections, including modelling tools. Our main products are:

  • GHG and air pollutant inventories
  • QA/QC systems
  • GHG emissions and removals projections. Scenario modelling and assessment (LEAP, MARKAL, OPGEN, BALMOREL, among others)
  • Carbon footprints

Strategies and Action Plans

We assist in the design of strategies and action plans at different levels (national, regional, local and organizational) for the strengthening of climate policies through the design and development of climate change mitigation actions/measures and strategies and decarbonization plans, supported by cost-effectiveness-risk analyses. Our main products are:

  • Mitigation actions/measures
  • Mitigation strategies
  • Decarbonization plans
  • Climate policy support
  • Cost-Effectiveness-Risk analysis (CER)

MRV and Climate Transparency

Article 13 of the Paris Agreement requires the alignment of the requirements of the Enhanced Transparency Framework by all Parties. Therefore, we support countries in the transition to a robust transparency framework, reinforced by efficient and robust MRV systems, and support them in the elaboration of the international reports required for submission to the UNFCCC. Our main products are:

  • MRV systems
  • International reports (NIR/NID, BUR, NC, CND, LTS, BTR).

Climate Finance

We provide support and advice on climate finance related to regulatory frameworks, as well as carbon markets. In addition, we develop financial tools and models specifically designed to meet client objectives, for risk and investment assessment, and to assist in a more sustainable decision making. Our main products are:

o Advice on policy framework related to sustainable finance and carbon markets

o Financial tools, products and models (risk assessment, investments, sustainable decision making)

  • Green and climate finance
  • Concept notes
  • Private sector engagement

Capacity Building

We carry out capacity building workshops and trainings designed to the scope and objectives required by our clients, adjusting them to the interests and knowledge of the different groups of assistants (public institutions, private sector, academia, civil society, etc.). At Kairos Climate Impulse we understand the importance of capacitating our clients, ensuring the progression of the work carried out once the consultancy has been completed. For this reason, at Kairos Climate Impulse we are committed to strengthening the technical capacities and the independence of our clients. Our main products are:

  • Participatory processes with key stakeholders (institutions, public sector, private sector, academia, organizations, civil society, etc.)
  • Theoretical/practical technical capacity building workshops

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