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Our team has recently travelled to Honduras to carry out a series of capacity-building workshops for key actors linked to the Solid Waste sector on issues related to climate change mitigation; international reporting requirements to which Honduras is subject after the signing of the Paris Agreement; Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) systems; and climate finance.

These workshops are part of a consultancy for technical support to develop strategic mitigation options in the solid waste sector in Honduras and strengthen capacities of key sectoral stakeholders on national and local level that is under the ProAgenda: Support for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Honduras, implemented by the Honduran Government and GIZ.

Many institutions (public and private) have actively participated, both in person and virtually. We are really glad and satisfied for the good reception of these workshops, the high participation, the interesting contributions that everyone has provided, and the achievements made, highlighting among them:

  • The design of the structure of the sectoral MRV system, as well as the definition of the roles and responsibilities of every stakeholder.
  • The joint and consensual design of the prioritizing matrix for mitigation measures for the sector

From Kairos Climate Impulse, we would like to greatly thank to all key institutions and actors for their interest, participation and support in achieving such good results. We also want to extent this gratitude to Graciela Arias and Javier Aliaga for its important participation as part of our team for this project.

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